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An estate plan is an arrangement for the use, conservation and transfer of an individual's wealth. Estate planning involves much more than merely the preparation of a will or living trust.

A well informed estate plan concerns itself first with the actual creation of an estate where none would otherwise exist, the increase of an existing estate to meet the needs of the owner and his or her family, and the preservation and protection of the estate from unnecessary taxes and costs.

A good estate plan also provides for the best utilization of assets during the owner's lifetime and should anticipate lifetime needs such as funds for children's education, income for retirement, replacement income in the event of disability and management of the estate in the event of incapacity.

A good plan provides for the disposition of assets on death in such a way that the estate being passed on is maximized and is left in accordance with the wishes of the decedent and the needs of the family. Estate planning requires a team approach that most often involves an individual's accountant, attorney and other financial advisors.

At Dorfman & Company we bring a thorough understanding of all applicable laws, and years of hands-on estate planning knowledge and experience.



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